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Scrambled eggs tend to be a very personalized food. Somewhat like instant noodles. Some prefer their eggs with cream, some like it with water, some prefer it less cooked, some prefer it more cooked etc. I like mine with some milk and chives. Here I’ve used eggs that have been stored in a container together with the truffles in the refrigerator. Storing them together is supposed to result in eggs that have absorbed some of the truffle aroma.


Ingredients (1 pax)

3 eggs

Knob of butter

1/8 cup milk

Salt and pepper

Winter black truffle shavings

1/2 tbsp Chives, chopped


1. Crack the three eggs into a mixing bowl and remove any stray bits of shell. Add milk and season with salt and pepper. I accidentally poured way too much milk in… lesson learnt, pour the milk into a measuring cup before adding it to the eggs.

2. Beat the mixture thoroughly.


3. Heat the butter in a medium frying pan over medium heat on the largest hotplate or gas burner (to ensure even cooking) until the butter begins to foam. Swirl the pan to  coat its entire base with the melted butter.IMG_4619

4. Add the eggs to the pan and cook on low-medium heat for about half a minute, then use a wooden “fork” spatula to run through the mixture, scraping the bottom of the pan. This will result in folds of egg forming (see picture below)IMG_4622

5. Continue pushing the mixture with the wooden fork until three quarters of the egg is cooked and the remainder is still liquid. Do not stir the mixture as we want folds of egg, not tiny bits of mashed egg.

6. Take the pan off the heat and push a couple of times more. The residual heat will continue cooking the egg.

7. Spoon the eggs onto a serving plate, sprinkle with chives and shave some of that black truffle on top.