Bundled away into a small location beside a busy main road, this was not the most convenient restaurant to find. Especially in the pouring rain.

There are only a few tables in the restaurant, and an even smaller menu. Salad, beef and a couple of side items and that’s it. There’s also a decent wine menu. It is expensive, as most beef places in Tokyo can be and can run up to and above 30,000yen per person depending on how much you order. Thankfully they accept credit cards, which eases the payment process in a country that loves cash payments.

They only slaughter female cows for their tender meat, and we were duly shown the nose prints of the cow that we will be eating that night. I am not the most squeamish person, but I can admit to have felt a twinge of guilt when I saw the nose print, proudly displayed as proof of quality beef.

Nothing special about the salad, just some greens to lighten a heavy meal of red meat.

You’re asked how much meat, in grams, you’d like to have. Like any good beef restaurant worth its salt, you’re also shown the cut of meat before it is whisked off for cooking.

Good crust on the beef, pink and fatty in the middle, served very simply with a side of boiled/steamed vegetables and a baked jacket potato. If you’re looking for an innovative restaurant that whips up dishes with flair and pizzaz, this is probably not it. However, the meat is tasty and the dishes are executed with precision. I only wished they had other side dishes, though I understand they do not want to detract attention from the star.


Address: 8-chome-18-3 Ginza Chuo City Tokyo-to 東京都 中央区 銀座 8-18-3 DJ銀座ビ1F

Tel: 03-3543-7214 (+81-3-3543-7214)

Opening hours:12:00~22:00(L.O)

Open on sundays