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This is one super easy and delicious don! (don = rice bowl dish in Japanese). All you need to actually cook is the rice. The rest is all about slicing up the sashimi and avocado and assembling the rice bowl. Since the current trend now is all about clean eats, clean foods and healthy eating, I suppose this makes the cut (if you ignore the ubiquitous mayonnaise blobs popping up among the luscious chunks of creamy avocado and fresh maguro).
Ingredients (for 1 person)  

  • 100 grams sashimi grade maguro tuna
  • 1/2 ripe avocado, pitted and skinned
  • Mayonnaise – amount at your discretion, I used Japanese mayonnaise
  • Cooked short-grain white rice
  • 2-3 tsp soy sauce depending how seasoned you like your tuna
  • Optional (for garnish) – chopped chives, seaweed flakes and thinly sliced leeks (only the white parts). I would highly recommend you add these as they add texture, lots of flavour and freshness to the dish
  • Optional – 2 tbsp ikura (sashimi grade salmon roe)
  • Optional – furikake (a type of Japanese rice topping/seasoning)


  • Slice up the maguro sashimi into thick chunks, I cut mine into 3/4 inch cubes but do it however you like.
  • Season the maguro with soy sauce and set aside.
  • Cut up the avocado into cubes/chunks roughly the same size as the maguro.
  • Place the rice in a bowl (if you’ve opted for the furikake, mix it into the rice before arranging the rice in the bowl) and pile the maguro and avocado on top.
  • Squeeze mayonnaise over the dish in zig-zag lashings or you can add them in blobs like I did.
  • Add the ikura and garnish with chives, seaweed flakes and sliced leeks.
  • Serve

I enjoyed it so much I had it again for the next meal… only in the sloppiest, most disgusting way one eats when alone:-  Still tasted amazing nonetheless!