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Tatsuya has always been one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Singapore. So naturally it was one of my top choices when I dropped by for a visit in Singapore and thankfully got a counter seat as the place was packed. I opted again for the omakase as per my usual routine but I was quietly disappointed when the food came. The food quality is more or less the same, still delicious but the sushi was served in a platter instead of done up and served with care one by one. And there were more cooked courses than raw, we had a whole grilled sanma fish to share between us. While it was nice, I’ve always considered sanma to be an inexpensive fish. In previous visits, we were given a little uni/otoro/ikura rice bowl which was infinitely more divine. So I was doubly shocked when the bill came… up to SGD 847 for the both of us!

Previously the omakase sets come at SGD 280++ , but the bill would mean that the new cost of the omakase set is now SGD 400++ where it adds no additional value to the dining experience and where the food is not as appealing as it was when it was at SGD 280. What happened Tatsuya?!!! The least you could do if you charge more is to give us better food and a better dining experience! Don’t get me wrong, Tatsuya still serves quality food, service is still good and chef is very friendly. It’s just that we no longer get the traditional counter experience where the chef serves up his tantalizing morsels one by one reverently and works up a surprise for our palates here and there. Now it just feels like a normal restaurant…. at a more expensive price. I complained to my makan kaki who did the initial Tatsuya visit with me and she came back with a barrage of complaints. She’s probably not going back.

Not sure if I want to go back again either if this is what is to be expected. For SGD 400+ I could just go to Shinji. I think Aoki may be the better choice now compared to Tatsuya, I’ve visited it twice after the last review and will post up another review on it soon.

Photos from the last disappointing Tatsuya visit:-IMG_6172.JPG


Did not take photos of the sanma and the other cooked courses as I was so disappointed. At least we had some uni with the tai sashimi though! Some saving grace there.

In comparison, here’s a collage of some of the dishes from the initial trip and my previous review on Tatsuya.