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Another seaweed art I did over the long weekend. I’ve been wanting to do a rurouni kenshin one for over a year now and finally have some free time to stay home and mess around with seaweed. Perfect time for rurouni kenshin as two of the movies are out this year!  IMG_4751.JPG

 First step? Again, draw the character of your choice, it should be either a line art or just black and white, not grey tones or anything cuz you can’t distinguish that in the seaweed.

2nd, I skipped this step because I plain forgot… trace out your character on a clean sheet of paper using ink, then block the black parts in. Since I forgot, I just used this as a topper and didn’t eat it (couldn’t bear to anyway!). OR you can combine the first and second step by just printing out the lineart/black and white image of your choice and just use that if you’re not particularly comfortable with drawing freehand.


 3. Next, prepare your tools! My brother and sister got me a new set of bento cutting tools (a great design cutter!) and pincers since my older set is in Singapore. Clip the drawing on top of the seaweed against the cutting board.


 4. Start cutting all the WHITE parts out! This is a particularly intricate piece and had many tiny details. I accidentally cut out some seaweed lines which could have been rectified by snipping small lines of seaweed, but of course by the end of it I just couldn’t be bothered anymore.

5. Cut the small white pieces first. If you cut out the large pieces, the seaweed will shift around and make it impossible to cut the tiny ones. Use pincers to remove the paper and seaweed as you go along.


 Phew! There’s the face done.


Once in a while, flip up the paper to have a look if your seaweed is being cut cleanly and properly.IMG_4689.JPG

And you’re done!IMG_4690.JPG

Transfer the seaweed careful and stick it on a slice or two of cheese. I might try a harder cheese next time so it is easier to handle, but this cheese is sticky and the seaweed sticks very well onto it.IMG_4737.JPG

 6. Cut the cheese and trim it around the seaweed.IMG_4740.JPG

 7. Add to your bento! Or in this case, tomato soup. One of the many ways to jazz up boring canned soup. IMG_4732.JPG

Although some croutons wouldn’t hurt as well!IMG_4753.JPG

 It was so difficult to photograph as the light kept shining off it! I wish I had daylight to take a proper photo of it.IMG_4844.JPG