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IMG_6669Above: Uni RiceIMG_6655Above: Uni sushi

Technically this isn’t a recipe but rather just an entry to record the combination of ingredients used for these two dishes. White truffle just goes so amazingly well with uni *drool*.



I just had to show the sheer size of the uni tray that I bought… crazy big!

The only difference between these two dishes is that one has ikura and the other has mayonnaise. Otherwise the ingredients are exactly the same. Let’s start with the uni rice:-

This I copied from the chefs at restaurants like Shinji and Sushi ichi. It’s a small mound of lightly vinegared rice (the mound was way smaller at the restaurants because… well the more rice you put it, the more sea urchin you’ll need) where you plonk a generous helping of uni and use a pair of chopsticks to mix the rice and uni until each grain is covered with that silken orange. It shouldn’t be dry, it should be almost like a risotto (and to achieve this you need quite a bit of uni to rice ratio). Then you top it with a spoonful of ikura, more globules of uni and if you have it, some chopped negitoro (spring onion and otoro) before finishing it off with shaved white truffles and chives. Use a spoon to drip some soy sauce onto the rice. Really good combination there. Too bad I was missing the negitoro bit ;(



Next, the uni sushi. I molded some vinegared rice first. The rice should be warm and you should have a bowl of salted water next to you when you do this. The water will keep the rice from sticking to your fingers and allow for easy molding whereas the salt is just to flavour the rice.

I think I might have used too much rice for each sushi T____T. Use less rice!20131031-155153.jpg

Yes, perhaps just dab a little wasabi onto the rice before spooning a generous amount of uni on top. Then squeeze some of the japanese mayonnaise over the uni like so:-20131031-155211.jpg

My massive white truffle! (and my hungry puppy)20131031-155027.jpg

Add the chive sections to the sushi before shaving the white truffle all over the sushi. IMG_6665

Indeed a delightful mixture, I wish I could have some now ;DIMG_6661