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There will only be these three pictures for this restaurant review, because well it’s quite obvious. How do I take photos in the dark?!!!

I’ve been looking forward to this though as it has been several months since I started searching for a “Dine in the dark” concept. When this restaurant finally opened in August 2013 I quickly made a reservation. It is situated at Beach road so you may want to consider taking a cab there. Lots of places to get drinks after the meal.

Upon entrance there’s nothing much to impress; the lounge decor is simple, almost scant. You’ll hang out here for perhaps 20 minutes or so while you start off the evening with an Amuse-Bouche, a bite of food to go with some drinks.

They will explain what the evening would hold for you and give you a teaser of their menu… which says absolutely nothing about what you will be having 😉 That’s the whole fun of it! You will be asked to keep away any light emitting devices in individual lockers. So no cell phones! It’s also not a good idea to wear expensive clothes/shoes jusssttt in case you spill something while fumbling in the dark. Of course if you take care, that won’t happen!



That’s my first drink of the evening. I also ordered a champagne to eat with dinner while my dinner partner ordered a beer to go with his. So once we were done with this and put our stuff away in the lockers, we were introduced to our waiter Rahamat for the night.

He is blind.

I find it commendable that the Nox employs blind waiters as it gives them employment opportunities. They are also the only ones who can do this job. How else do you serve tables in the dark!

So he gets us to form a train behind him, hands on his shoulders and you walk up the stairs, slowly up the red carpeted stairs into absolute darkness. He continues to lead you slowly to your table, and you can hear the other guests talking around you. When you reach your table he seats us one by one, guiding each of us to our seat before proceeding to explain the table format. Here’s where the fumbling begins! I felt around just to know where my utensils are, as well as my champagne and water.

Suddenly I just felt like all my senses were awakened and that I pay better attention to everything around me. The chatter, the clinks and the conversation I was having with my dinner partner. It was pretty amazing I think.

They first served the appetizers. There are four bowls of appetizers placed onto a wooden tray. I find that putting the bowl near your mouth and slurping the food from there is a better bet rather than trying to eat in a civilized manner. No one’s gonna see you anyway! And besides, there is no use in waiting for your eyes to adjust to the darkness because it is pitch black in there! The dinner conversation revolved around figuring out what we were eating, which is a whole topic by itself. Then you’d question if you actually knew what meat you were putting in your mouth? Chicken? Pork? I must have been sleep-eating all this while because I couldn’t figure it out.

The food was delicious though. From the 4 appetizers to the 4 mains and the 4 desserts, everything was well cooked and tasty. Of course I can’t describe it here otherwise that would be spoiling the fun for you. It doesn’t break the bank either. After we were done with desserts we just sat and talked. This is without the distractions of surroundings and phones. Purely just talking and concentrating on the conversation… that’s something I haven’t done in a really long time! See what smartphones have done to us! Nowadays we can’t even get through a conversation without someone picking up the phone and getting distracted with it T____T

I loved every second! Even when I was groping around for the food and despite all the food that got onto my chin, it was a magical experience in my opinion. I now have a deeper appreciation of my eyesight!

Once you’re done you call out your waiter’s name and he will guide you out and down the stairs into the light again. Back at the lounge you will be asked to guess the food you’ve eaten and only then will they reveal the pictures of the food and the full menu. I guessed some of it wrongly T_____T Shame on me lol!

I highly recommend this restaurant for both dining experience and the food, and would love to go back when they have changed their menu! Can’t wait in the meantime 😉

Details for Nox Dine in the dark:

+65 6298 0708

269 Beach Road Singapore 199546