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Agar jellies tend not to be as sweet or as soft/wobbly as normal jellies. Agar is also a natural vegetarian gelatin substitute so this is suitable for vegetarian days/diets and the fact that it is made up of 80% fibre makes it all the better for diets LOL. Whatever it is, agar jellies are really yummy and addictive XD.

Here’s an agar recipe that my sister and I really enjoy. Not for those on a diet though 😉


2500 ml  water

30 grams agar

1.6 litres soy milk


1 tin of evaporated milk

2 tins of longan

A couple of pandan leaves cleaned and tied in a knot OR 1 tsp pandan extract



1) Boil water in a large pot. If you’re using pandan leaves you can add it when the water has boiled.

2) Set out the containers that you will use to hold the jelly. You can get these at supermarkets.


3) Place 2-3 longan into each cup/container.

4) Add the agar into water and stir until the agar dissolves.



5) Add pandan extract to the agar and water mixture


5) Add soy milk little by little, stirring all the while.


6) Add evaporated milk and sugar to taste.

IMG_0493 IMG_0492

7) Sieve the liquid before pouring into the containers. Refrigerate



And unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the completed jelly =(

If you like, you can also replace some of the water with the sugar water that came with the longans. Don’t waste it as the water is deliciously longan scented!