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When it comes to Sashimi, there’s not much to talk about cooking. You just need to get your fish sliced and arrange it on a plate. Since I had some time to spare, I went hunting up some edible flowers from the market. It really makes a dish so pretty and fresh!! Just look at that picture!! Even took the ama-ebi (prawn sashimi) and arranged it nicely so that it fans out.

IMG_6989 IMG_6995

The uni was slightly tricky so I used it to fill in the spaces between the prawns. Then I placed the shisamo leaves (most times this will come together with your sashimi but if it doesn’t, you can buy it) at the edge of the plate and arranged the maguro (tuna) slices on it in a fan. Then I topped off the maguro with chopped spring onions before placing the flowers and petals randomly all over the plate.

Sashimi may be good on its own, but sometimes it tastes even better when the eyes are feasting as well ;p